A thank you

Gifts from the crowd of students to crossing guard Chuck Busse included a thank you sign.

The entire Royster Middle School student body turned out Friday to give crossing guard Chuck Busse one last fist bump before he moves on, working with preschoolers as a bus rider. He called students by name as they wished him well with cards, hugs and the iconic fist bump for which he’s become known. 

“I think the fist bumps are going to be my legacy here,” Busse said.

He said that he had tried high fives and low fives, but found it was the bump that really stuck in his decade of service at RMS. 

It was out of boredom that he took the position, after retirement from owning a couple of businesses for nearly 30 years. 

“The kids have been wonderful,” he said.

The enduring kindness of Busse is what led RMS Principal Don Epps to organize the sendoff. 

“His kindness every day to our kids is timeless,” Epps said. “We had to thank him for that.”

Busse was actually the first person Epps met when he was interviewing for his job in Chanute. 

“Meeting him alone made me know this was the place for me,” he said. “Every day is a good day for him, and it makes my day so much better.” 

The physical demands of the job are what precipitated the move to being a bus rider. Busse said that working with the younger kids was different, but he was still enjoying it. 

“Anything to do with the kids,” he said. “I love it.”




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