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Joey Clark and Sara Larkin’s yard at 625 W. Main.                                                                            


Chanute Master Gardeners

When Joey Clark and Sara Larkin bought their house at 625 W. Main a little more than four years ago, they knew they had their work cut out for them. A tree was growing in the middle of the swimming pool. 

Now, baskets of Ferns and Calibrachoa hang over the deck of a pristine pool. Low-lying plants grow along the sides of the house. Purple Fountain Grass provides a welcome to their front door. 

In the back, on a freshly-treated deck, is a sitting area where friends and family gather. Old window frames hanging on the fence found new purpose, adding interest to the area. 

When Petunias die in the fall, pumpkins are put in their place. Metal flowered plant stands given to Sara by her mother hold a variety of colorful plants. Sara loves Coleus while Joey loves all flowers. The braided trunk of a Hibiscus blooms on the relaxing deck. Swedish Ivy jumps from one pot to the next. Creeping Jenny, succulents and Hens and Chicks all have their places, joining Elephant Ears and Ostrich Ferns in this neat and tidy garden that has been a labor of love. Cowboy embossed artwork stepping stonework completes this picture-perfect yard.

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