Mike and Adriana Ell in their lovely yard at 1809 S. Evergreen.


K-State Extension Master Gardeners

The gardens of 1809 S. Evergreen are the result of the team effort of husband wife Mike and Adriana Ell.

On each side of the driveway, Clematis grows on white trellises. Walking along the driveway, you’ll find a wide variety of flowers planted in a wider variety of containers, each reminiscent of the style of the home.

Petunias spill over two tall metal milk cans that start the sidewalk leading up to their front door.

A beautiful Mimosa tree shades a large part of the side yard. When rabbits took over the tomato plants, Mike built a large containment with wood and chicken wire to save future tomatoes.

When asked about her favorite flowers, Adriana’s eyes light up, naming Vincas, Portulaca, Petunias and a wide variety of succulents, just to name a few.

While she did not garden in her native land of Honduras where her parents were farmers, moving to the states in 1976 she now gardens, perfecting her skills by educating herself with an array of gardening magazines.

The Ells both have a passion for flowers and enjoy showing off the fruits of their labor. Another of Adriana’s passions is making clothes and blankets for the children of St. Jude’s.

Be sure to drive by and see a colorful, well-tended yard.

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