No students or staff were ever in danger after what’s being called a “non-credible threat of violence” was made off-campus over the weekend. USD 413 Superintendent Dr. Kellen Adams said that district staff was made aware of the threat involving Royster Middle School Saturday morning. 

Adams exercised caution in making the public aware of the threat because it wasn’t until Tuesday that a thorough investigation could be completed due to Labor Day. 

He said that if it had been a serious situation, there would have been more prompt notice to the public. 

The threat was allegedly made by a student, and reported to both the district and law enforcement by other students who heard it. 

“I’m very thankful for the students who reported it,” Adams said. “They did a great job of notifying others.”

Adams felt that from the onset it was not a credible threat, but he enacted the district’s safety protocols to be sure. Law enforcement investigated the threat Saturday wherein it was determined that the student who was said to have made the threat did not have the means or even an actual plan to carry out the act of violence. 

Adams was not sure why the threat was made, but felt it was a heat-of-the-moment situation. 

“I believe it occurred during a heated situation and was taken out of context,” Adams said. “I firmly believe it was not a credible threat.” 

District and school administration spent most of Labor Day ensuring that all protocols were followed from start to finish so the building would be ready to resume school Tuesday. Teaching staff were notified about the situation Tuesday morning. 

Despite the apparent lack of credibility, Adams said the threat was still taken very seriously, as every threat is.

“We continue to take every threat very seriously,” he said. “Student safety is our number one priority. I do not want students or staff in any environment that isn’t completely safe.” 

Law enforcement is expected to have more details to share later this week. 

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