The Chanute Recreation Commission met Monday evening for a work session to prepare the upcoming budget, seeking one that does not dip into its cash reserves.

The CRC board will hold its regular monthly meeting at 5:30 pm June 6 for acting interim CRC director and Chanute City Parks Director Todd Newman to present a final budget. He said figures from Monday’s meeting will likely change.

Officials have some work to do to get the CRC to a break-even point, he said, and he wants to protect the cash reserve. Next year might be rough.

He said the CRC may not be able to complete major projects until it builds its cash reserves back.

The CRC has two months left on its 2018-19 budget, so the latest actual spending and revenue figures are from 2017-18. The current proposed budget for 2019-20 totals $586,400, down from $751,833 proposed in the current budget and $624,383 in actual spending for last year.

Newman said one of the difficulties is in knowing what items fall under spending for “Contractual Services” and “Commodities.”

The valuation for the USD 413 school district is also unknown, but Newman said he does not expect much change from the 2018 valuation of $85 million that raised $426,150 on a 5-mil levy.

The proposed budget also projects $90,000 in program fees and $15,000 in rent income for 2019-20. The 2017-18 actual figures were $58,725 in program fees and $9,059 in rentals, and Newman said the 2018-19 fees are more likely to be near $50,000.

Board members discussed whether program fees may cover part-time employees. The proposed budget also projects less spending on personnel, but Newman said he cannot tell if cuts may already be enough because of the lack of specifics in “Contractual Services” and “Commodities” line items.

The proposed budget also moves $250,000 in Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Healthy Pathways grant funding to separate bookkeeping accounts from the previous budgets.

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