Maring Aquatic Center will be going to the dogs this weekend. 

The center will once again play host to the Paws in the Pool event that benefits the Chanute dog park in Santa Fe Park. The swim will last from 4 – 6 pm for a cost of $10 per dog to swim. 

Amy Hendrickson is helping to organize the event and said that the entire aquatic center would be available to the dogs.

“A lot of dogs like the zero-entry kiddie pool,” she said. “We have had some of the retrievers and bigger hunting dogs jump off the small diving boards. A lot of them do the lazy river and they get the rafts out for the small dogs.” 

The dogs are allowed to bring their humans in the pool as well. There will be bottled water and dog treats available as well. To participate in the event, the requirements for the canines are the same as they are to be at the dog park: they need to be current on their vaccinations and be registered with the city. 

Because of scheduling issues, it has been a couple of years since the last time the swim was held, but Hendrickson said it was always a good time.

“The first year we held this was nerve wracking, but there’s never been a problem,” she said. 

The money raised goes to the dogs as well, helping to maintain and upgrade the dog park. Hendrickson said that someday they may add additional agility equipment as well as possibly a covered bulletin board. She invites the entire community to come out, dog or no dog.

“It’s really entertaining, even if you don’t have a dog,” she said. “It’s a really fun way to build community with their dogs.” 



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