Cherry Street wares

Cherry Street’s DeJesus “Jessie” Eytcheson helps customers Debbie and Jim Bailey at Main Street Chanute’s downtown farmers market Tuesday evening.

Cherry Street Youth Center is selling the fruits of its labor at Main Street Chanute’s downtown farmers market, with all of the proceeds benefitting the Children’s Ministry.

Current selections include raw honey, tomato and tomatillo salsas, as well as green tomatoes.

DeJesus “Jessie” Eytcheson, who works with the children in the garden center, promised much more variety as the harvest continues. He said that they planted most of the crops late last spring and have tended to them all summer.

Eytcheson said that the younger children do most of the vegetable picking, but the middle schoolers are the ones who prepared the salsa and handled the bees.

“It’s so much fun. They learn a lot and we get them to try a lot of things,” he said. “Working with the kids is a blast.” 

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