Drop the mic and do the splits

The ever-performing principal of Royster Middle School, Don Epps “Woohoo-d” his students with a special welcome to RMS Thursday morning. “I truly believe that the start of the school year can set the mood for the entire year,” he said. “I believe in happy students. We want them to have learning experiences and we want them to have fun.” The Hulk Hogan costume was a last minute idea for Epps, who had originally considered portraying Evel Knievel. “I thought about jumping through a fiery hoop, but fire codes,” he said. The Hulk may be making more appearances through the school year, and there may even be more appearances by other wrestlers. Epps’ next challenge is to figure out what he will do next year. “I’m on the clock now to figure out how to top this,” he said. 

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