Happy Halloween

Carol Finley sits on the porch of her South Evergreen residence surrounded by fall and Halloween decorations.


Chanute resident Carol Finley likes to decorate. That may be an understatement.

The front porch of her home at 1305 S. Evergreen is alive with spooks, bats, pumpkins and other creepy-crawlies for Halloween, but she also has flags, wreaths and solar lights, both seasonal and year-round.

“I’ve been decorating for years,” Finley said. She usually puts out more, but as she has gotten older it has become more difficult.

She said she put up Halloween decorations three weeks ago.

“The other stuff was up all summer,” she said.

The open side of her porch displays a half-dozen or more wind chimes that ring in the breeze, and several solar lights line the front walk. She said she changes the solar lights for the winter.

She buys the decorations at places like Walmart and dollar stores, and some Halloween items she has had 10 to 15 years.

“You can’t buy this any more,” she said.

She also decorates for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and the Fourth of July. Christmas naturally gets a showing, with lights on the side of the house.

“I get too sore if I do it too long,” Finley said. “I used to do the whole yard.”

She said she has three or four deer decorations for Christmas, but will only put out one this year, along with a snowman and Santa Claus.

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