Janzen Hall and her six-month-old son Dreiling have been pushing up their social media presence since a video began circulating earlier this month. 

Hall, a member of CrossFit Chanute, had her son with her Oct. 2 at the CrossFit gym on 21st Street. She had him nearby to keep an eye on him while she finished her workout.

She was stretching but he started “pressing up,” pushing himself up with his hands and his legs, something babies do when they’re getting ready to crawl. Hall started doing pushups next to her son. “I kind of followed his lead,” she said. “If he wanted to do a pushup, then I did one.” 

Her sister, Satinne Wicker, who owns the CrossFit gym in Chanute, started taking video of them doing “pushups” together. The videos were posted to Hall’s Instagram page and Wicker’s Facebook the night of October 2. They soon submitted it to CrossFit, Inc. as well. 

CrossFit, Inc. posts images and videos from members of local gyms to its corporate social media pages. 

“As soon as it came across the CrossFit Instagram, my phone instantly started blowing up,” Hall said. “I gained so many Instagram followers.” 

The photo started circling various Facebook pages. Old friends who saw it have reconnected with Hall, and she said she has made new friends through the experience as well. 

The video was picked up by Cosmopolitan, and Hall was interviewed for that magazine. The video will also be featured in a segment on the tv show The Doctors. The date for that segment has not been set. 

Hall said the majority of comments have been positive, but not all. 

“There were people that couldn’t believe I had ‘forced’ him to work out,” she said. “As if you could force a six-month-old baby to do anything. There was one lady that said that his whole youth would have to live up to my expectations.” 

Hall said it seems that Dreiling is progressing towards the crawling stage ahead of most children, though she stressed that this is not an expert opinion. 

“I didn’t teach him how to do any of it,” she said. “He’s on his own game plan.” 

Hall said she has had offers to license the video for other television shows and commercial purposes, but no deals have been finalized. 

“Once a video gets out there, there’s a lot of shows that just want to use it,” she said.

The video can be seen on Hall’s Instagram account at

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