Ready for racing

Decorated ducks ready for Saturday's Adventure Duck Race 2017.


A total of 326 ducks were turned in to the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum as of 3 pm Thursday for Saturday’s Safari Museum Adventure Duck Race. 

Other ducks were still out being decorated, and Curator Jacquelyn Borgeson Zimmer said they expect to hit last year’s count of 400 ducks – and maybe a few more. 

Good weather is expected for the 10 am to noon window when the race will be held. If weather is not good, another program will be planned for later in the year, but in that case, it will not be held at the Maring Aquatic Center. 

Every dollar spent on ducks provides free tours of the museum for students, and any money left over supports other programs. 

Last year’s race raised roughly $1,200, and Zimmer said the museum didn’t have to charge for a single school tour this year.

Some of the ducks for sale are also prepaid by Merle Kelly Ford and prizes are supplied by other individuals and businesses, ensuring the money all goes to the students, Borgeson Zimmer said. 

A new event at the duck race this year is the artful race down the waterslide. All of the hand-decorated ducks will participate, with the winner being declared the most artful.

Ducks are still available at $5 for one or $20 for a five-duck Quack Pack. Ducks are available for purchase at the museum and the Chanute Tribune. 

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