Katy Park setting

Brett and Betsy Barney exchanged wedding vows under Kary Park’s holiday lights display on December 23.   


An unconventional proposal calls for an unconventional wedding. 

Local business owner Betsy Barney, formerly McReynolds, of Talk of the Town Floral & Boutique, took advantage of the Christmas light display at Katy Park for a very unique wedding location. 

She married Brett Barney after nearly four years of dating. They had discussed getting married several months before, but left it at that until Betsy took matters into her own hands and decided to propose to him. 

“When you own your own business, you learn to always go after whatever you want,” she said.

She picked a sentimental location to pop the question, the garage where they had shared their first kiss and he had first told her that he loved her. To keep it all a surprise, she made up an elaborate story about working on a project for a client in the garage where she was actually setting up a romantic dinner for the two of them. 

Betsy had found a fish hook that was inscribed with “Will you marry me?” and included it in a tackle box with other fishing gear. 

The proposal took place November 21, and the couple was married December 23. Thanksgiving night, they were throwing around ideas for the wedding. Betsy’s schedule was a large factor in deciding on a date. 

“Doing what we do here (at Talk of the Town) with Valentine’s Day, prom, Mothers’ Day, and graduation straight into wedding season, we were really thinking it was going to be this time next year,” she said. “And if it was going to be this time next year, why not just go ahead and do it.” 

Being a wedding planner, Betsy had the advantage of already being knowledgeable about local vendors. All Occasion Cakes provided the cake, C&S Traveling Kitchen catered the reception, Graham Audio and Electronics took care of light and sound. The reception was held at The Venue on Main, which McReynolds manages, and she did her own flowers.

 Even with her professional experience, planning her own wedding was a challenge.  “No matter if you have a year to plan, six months or a month, it’s always stressful,” she said. “The wedding planner wants a perfect wedding – go figure.”

The wedding was an intimate one composed of family and very close friends, around 60 people total. The couple has not planned a honeymoon yet, but intends to go on one within the next year. 


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