Beanie baby treats

Ken and Cindy Morrison handed out beanie babies purchased from the Hugo and the late Lauralee Spieker 


One of the traditions of Halloween in Chanute is a house on the 900 block of South Highland giving away cans of pop to trick-or-treaters.

Linda Springer doesn’t remember exactly when they started, but now parents bringing their children say, “We used to come here to get pop.”

Springer said early on they bought for 300 to 400 youngsters.

South Highland Avenue now has a reputation as the go-to destination on Oct 31 and hordes go house-to-house there.

“Now we buy for about 800 and run out,” Springer said.

She said they always bought name-brand soda, but this year they purchased Shasta, a cheaper brand. “Shasta for everybody,” she said, laughing.

Springer said she hated to, but had to turn off the light Tuesday night before 7 pm.

It’s a family affair for the Springers.

“My son-in-law said, ‘This is the most fun I’ve ever had,’ and my three-year-old granddaughter had more fun here than trick-or-treating.”


Lauralee’s legacy

Ken and Cindy Morrison spent Halloween at her mother Virginia Robertson’s house on South Steuben. 

“Ken and I bought most of the beanie babies at Hugo and Lauralee Spieker’s auction in October. We had over 200 of them, and gave them to the trick-or-treaters until they ran out. Lauralee’s beanie babies brought a lot of smiles to a lot of kids tonight. We loved spreading them all over Chanute,” Cindy posted on Facebook.

Gayla Fickel let Cindy know that she knew some littles who got a beanie baby and they were thrilled.

“Awwww... that’s great! I think Lauralee is smiling in heaven,” Robertson said.


Oodles of noodles

In the 800 block of South Highland, there’s the noodle house.

Karry Reeves and helpers handed out about 1,400 packages of noodles this year.

“We gave them to trick-or-treaters of all shapes and sizes, every one adorable, polite, and happy to get their noodle fix. What fun,” said helper Sherry Watson.

“We truly do have the best trick-or-treaters ever,” Reeves said.

“It has just grown every year,” Watson said. “Now she is known as the noodle lady,” she said of Reeves, “and the kids are wild about getting their noodles. A number of us all buy noodles and she gets donations from others who don’t convene to hand them out. It’s crazy and fun.”


Planes and gold coins

Tom Cloke gave out little metal airplanes and each child got a gold $1 coin that he polished. 

“We had 16 children come out,” Cloke said. “Each got to pick out an aircraft.  Surprisingly many picked prop planes and not the jets.”

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