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Two-thirds of all teachers employed by USD 413 have received both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. The number was markedly lower for other staff who have received both doses, with that figure checking in at 41.4 percent. 

With assistance from the county health department and Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center, the district organized three separate clinics for its employees to receive the vaccine, with the first held in February at Royster Middle School. 

Vaccine rate by school

Chanute High School 

• Teachers: 71.4 percent (45 of 63) 

• Staff: 40 percent (12 of 30) 

• Lunch staff: 40 percent (5 of 8)

Royster Middle School

• Teachers: 63.4 (26 of 41)

• Staff: 33.3 percent (12 of 36) 

• Lunch staff: 71.4 (5 of 7) 

Chanute Elementary School

• Teachers: 65.7 percent (48 of 73) 

• Staff: 39.7 percent (35 of 88) 

• Lunch staff: 40 percent (4 of 10) 

Lincoln Early Learning Center 

• Teachers: 50 percent (3 of 6) 

• Staff: 29 percent (9 of 31) 

• Lunch staff: 100 percent (1of 1)

Combined vaccination rates for all four schools

• Teachers: 67 percent (122 of 183 received both doses)

• Other staff: 41.4 percent (110 of 266)

• Lunch staff: 59.2 percent (16 of 27) 

• Sub teachers: 33.3 percent (4 of 15)

Note: One of 15 substitute teachers received one dose.

District Superintendent Kellen Adams wants to make sure the district’s vaccination numbers keep moving forward. 

“Making it as convenient as possible for folks (helps),” he said. “Advocating for it and education. Making sure people have all the facts surrounding (the vaccine options).” 

Adams noted that the trio of clinics held by the district provided ample opportunity to receive the vaccination. In addition to those clinics, multiple other COVID-19 walk-in clinics were held in Chanute.

“It is my opinion that everybody who wanted to be vaccinated has had the opportunity to do so,” he said. “It was no small task. We’re very thankful to the county, as well as our nursing staff who made that happen in very short order.”

Assistant Superintendent Matt Koester is pleased with some of the numbers. 

“Sixty-seven percent of our teachers who received both vaccinations is pretty impressive, knowing that the vaccine came out very quick,” he said. “I think we were very fortunate as a county that we got the number of vaccines that we did, and that we were able to basically make it available to any person that wanted it within our school system.” 

Koester noted there are still some “unknowns” regarding vaccine options, but echoed Adams’ sentiments that the district needs to continue to educate its staff and faculty on the topic.

“We need to continue to make it available,” he said. “And as people see how it impacts others, they will make a decision for themselves of whether they decide that’s what they want to do. But it’s not on me to judge anybody.” 

Editor’s note: Vaccination rates were provided by USD 413. 



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