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There is nothing more American than giving of oneself to help another. We have seen so many good things come from the pandemic. We are sorrowful for the deaths that have happened and at the same time uplifted by the sacrifices of others. So what can you do at a time like this? You can help others by donating blood when we need it so desperately. You can save three lives with one donation.  Please donate on May 18 or 19 at the Central Park Pavilion. Times will be as usual from 12:30 pm to 6:30 pm on Monday and 8 am to 1 pm on Tuesday. If you need an appointment please call 431-9271.

Remember, this is not the first time something similar to COVID-19 has happened. History does repeat itself. We all will experience things in life that many of us have never experienced before.  Graduated High School, is a first for most of us at some time; getting married, having children, buying our first home, leaving home, serving in the military, death of a loved one.  We often do not know how to respond or what is expected. Acts of nature, floods etc.; Flu epidemic.

Having heard “I learned everything I needed to know in Kindergarten” rings true. 

• Share and take turns

• Tell the truth

• Be kind

• Don’t be a tattle tale

• Wash your hands

What this teaches is be responsible for your own actions, don’t judge others, help whenever you can and be clean. 

The American Red Cross is taking precautions to keep our donors safe.  We are meeting in a larger building to provide room for social distancing; we are taking temperatures before you sign in; we are sanitizing between every donor; and we are encouraging all to wear masks. If you have underlying health issues please consider your personal risks. 


Red-Cross urges Americans to donate blood to prevent shortage during cornonavirus concerns

The Red Cross collects blood only from people who are healthy and feeling well at the time of donation, and who meet other eligibility requirements.  

The organization said its employees are taking additional safety measures, including:

• Wearing gloves and changing them often

• Wearing face masks

• Wiping down donor-touched areas after every collection

• Conducting temperature checks before potential donors enter the blood drive

• Providing hand sanitizer for donors to use before entering and throughout the appointment

• Using sterile collection sets for every donation

• Preparing the arm for donation with aseptic scrub

• Conducting “mini-physicals” to ensure donors are healthy

• Conducting enhanced disinfecting of surfaces and equipment

• Following social distancing practices between donors, including waiting areas and donor beds

The organization is telling potential donors who may have any risk factors — like international travel and exposure to an infected person — to give blood at a later time.

Type O and platelet donations are especially needed right now.

“The last thing a patient should worry about is whether lifesaving blood will be on the shelf when they need it most,” said Chris Hrouda, president of Red Cross Blood Services, in a statement.

A. Pawlowski is a TODAY contributing editor focusing on health news and features. Previously, she was a writer, producer and editor at CNN.


The local Red Cross recognizes those who donated in March. There were two  had double-digit donors at the March Blood Drive who received pins, Thana Mills with 16 gallons, and Michael Summervill with 13 gallons. Other gallon marker donors were: Ross Abbuehl with 9 gallons. Brenda Alonzo with 4 gallons, Troy Howard with 3 gallons, Kathleen Robinson with 2, Larry Holman and Paul Myers both with 1 gallon. 

“Congratulations to these donors!” said Kathy Wright, blood drive chair. “We also thank our volunteers who worked our Blood Drive in March: Irene Boaz, Donna Budreau, Mary Jane Burghart, Darla Clemens, Charlotte Clum, Connie Curlin, Judy Dillow, Gloria Davis, Phyllis Greve, Sidney Haslett, Janet Maher, Joann Moran, Ed and Anne Ranz, Dixie Rodriguez, Deanne Schoenberger, Rosemary Sherman, Rena Snyder and Dee Thummel. We also want to express our thankfulness to The Chanute Tribune, the City of Chanute, and Warren Alford.”

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