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Neosho County seemed to have another coronavirus (COVID-19) case Friday and an Allen County case has been reported outside the state.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment reported the Neosho County case Friday, but the Neosho County Health Department said Friday evening that the case was reported in error.

“It was a data-entry error and it will be corrected,” said health department immunization nurse Paula Roberts, RN.

She said the new report, which will be released next week, will once again reflect two cases in the county, both of whom have recovered. A former Neosho County resident who became sick in Oklahoma last month was also initially reported in Neosho in error. That case has been removed from the state and county data.

Roberts said the health department was unaware of a third case being reported Friday  since  all  of  its  data 


remained at two cases.

“We appreciate the community alerting us to the error,” she said. “The community can rest assured that the health department will alert the public at once if the county has another case.”

The Southeast Kansas Multi-County Health Department, which includes Allen County, reported in a press release Friday that a COVID-19 test confirmed positive through a reference laboratory. The patient works out of state and hasn’t been in Kansas for approximately three months. The patient will isolate out of state, so there is no risk to local residents.

Positive tests are counted in the individual’s place of residence, regardless of where that person was tested or their location at the time of their illness.

Cases in Labette, Wilson and Woodson counties have reportedly recovered. Four cases in Montgomery County are still active out of 22, and one case in Crawford County is still active out of eight. A new case was also reported Friday in Cherokee County.

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