Chanute USD 413 reported that another student at the high school tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday, bringing that building’s total to three students since the start of school. 

This follows the announcement of a positive case at Royster Middle School and another at Lincoln Early Learning Center earlier in the week.

According to Assistant Superintendent and Interim CHS Principal Matt Koester, the district does not have accurate numbers of how many close-contact students or staff members have been quarantined.

“Again, I would say that we do not know all of the students who are actually in quarantine. We know who we have been sending as close contacts, which leads to quarantine, but there could be many more that resulted from outside the school,” Koester said. “It would be a very inaccurate number at this time. We continue to work with the county health department and hopefully we will be able to get more accurate numbers in the future.”

A total of 24 students at the high school were in quarantine last week.

Quarantine numbers from RMS and LELC have not been released to date.

Neosho County Health Department Director Teresa Starr said the county does not break numbers down by school.

“I don’t have the numbers in front of me, so it would be hard to give an accurate number of students and staff that are in quarantine,” Starr said on Friday afternoon. “However I can say it is a very low percentage of students.”

Starr went on to explain that they had to place some additional students at RMS in quarantine Friday.

“The number is always changing. I know that we had several more students (to put in quarantine) at the junior high than we did at the preschool. We are working with each school’s principal and Superintendent Dr. Kellen Adams to stop the spread as quickly as possible,” Starr said.

The county experienced an increase of 20 cases from Tuesday to Thursday, moving the total to 39 active cases.

Neosho County Community College has a total of nine positive cases on its campus, while an additional 69 students are currently in quarantine.


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