Eddie Rosenberger

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A Chanute businessman who served on the city commission is seeking a seat at the county level.

Eddie Rosenberger is challenging incumbent Gail Klaassen and candidate Mark Ping for the 3rd District seat on the Neosho County commission.

He said during his time with the city he experienced a disconnect between the two commissions.

“The relationship’s okay. I feel it could be better,” he said.

Rosenberger said he thinks he can bridge the gap, which needs to be better across the board and with other municipalities.

“Work with people. Be open-minded,” he said. “Actually listen to people.”

He also said he has a personal issue with the way county commission meetings have been conducted. He cited lengthy meetings as an example.

“Yelling and screaming matches. That’s uncalled for,” Rosenberger said. “That’s bad for everybody.”

Rosenberger currently serves on the board of the Chanute Recreation Commission. He was appointed to fill the vacated city commission seat of Randy Galemore, but lost a re-election bid in 2019.

As owner of Fred’s Treads tire service, Rosenberger has dealt with previous county commissions to bid on tires. He said he has looked deeply into his role as vendor and would remove himself from the process if people and other commissioners want him to.

“I’ve got no problem with that,” he said.

He supports the county commission’s position in opting out of the face mask requirement against the spread of the coronavirus. 

“That lets the people make the decision,” Rosenberger said, adding that the commission’s position helps the sheriff’s office and police department.

If masks were mandated and a customer refused to wear a mask and a business asks them to leave, it then becomes a trespassing issue.“We don’t have time for that,” Rosenberger said, noting that if people do not want to wear a facemask at a business, they can shop online.

He said Chanute’s decision on 911 came because the city had to do what’s best for the city. He said Chanute tried to work with the county before the decision.

Rosenberger said he wants to look at the tax code. He said Neosho County residents pay the equivalent in property taxes to Johnson County.

“I’m not going to go in there and reinvent the wheel,” he said.


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