More upgrades and improvements are set for Chanute Public Schools, both inside and outside.

At a special meeting last month USD 413 school board members approved the asphalt-only overlay on the track where the old Royster Stadium once stood. RFB Construction of Pittsburg will complete the project for $67,488.75. 

The board has been in talks about this project for quite some time. Originally, USD 413 Superintendent Dr. Kellen Adams said crews were to tear down the entire structure, demolishing the stadium and removing the track. 

But after further assessment and because community members use the track for exercise, crews will grind the first layer of the track and resurface it. The board also agreed to recycle the old material. When crews take the top layer off, it will then be dumped and redistributed to create parking in an adjacent area. 

“We will be able to effectively, I don’t know what the exact square footage is, but take up what is now new dirt with some actual parking,” Adams said.

For this specific project, there will be no architecture and engineering needed, as the process seems to be simpler than other USD 413 ongoing projects. What makes the project that much more straightforward is that this track is not a running surface for athletes, which is why the district didn’t invest in a rubberized surface. Crews will use asphalt only, which is good enough support for casual usage. 

“If you were to do that rubberized surface, you would see that cost would be substantially more,” Adams said at the meeting. “Because of the usage we have, it is not my recommendation.”


Royster Middle School will also get new carpeting after board members approved the bid from Vitztum Flooring for $80,424.75.

Chanute’s Caldwell Flooring was invited to bid, but didn’t submit an official price because of potential issues that might arise.

“I did visit with (Caldwell) and he does not want to install the stair treads and the vocal and band room. He felt that it could be potential issues with that and he would rather not install that with the carpet tile,” Business Development Associate Curtis Winter of DCS Services said.  DCS is a team that puts together architects, engineers and subcontractors to get projects done. 

Specifically, the new carpet – black rubber with red specs is a part of the project, too – will be replaced in four spaces, including the band and vocal rooms, the commons area and the fitness center. The fitness center will have a rubberized surface.

“I will tell you that at the time, I had the idea of going in there and using carpet tile, but smarter heads prevailed and recommended that we go with the rubberized surface that you frequently see in fitness workout centers,” Adams said.

The commons area will have new industrial tile that includes stain prevention, which is a significant upgrade.

Still, Adams said the board evaluated whether a hard surface made sense. Acoustics were a big concern, removing all of the soft space for a soft surface. But the industrial carpet proved to be the best choice.

“What I really like about carpet tiling – you’ve probably seen it if you have been in the building lately – instead of taking out that entire area, we’ll just take out two tiles, pop them back in and we’re on our way. It seems to make sense for our application,” said Adams.

The project includes a one-year material and workmanship warranty based on the manufactu


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