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Second District US Congressman Jake LaTurner visited with constituents Thursday morning at Cardinal Drug Store in downtown Chanute.


Jake LaTurner, 2nd District US Congressman, visited downtown Chanute Thursday morning to meet with constituents.

LaTurner, a Republican, told a group of people what is going on in Washington, DC, and said there are a lot of crises with energy, the border and culture.

“They talk about ‘Let’s take back the House,’” LaTurner said. “Let’s have actual solutions.”

He said the government is paying people to stay home instead of working and the national debt is $28 trillion and counting. He said officials should let unemployment assistance expire and get the fiscal house in order.

“The Republicans have been just as bad as Democrats in spending,” he said. “Going and working is good for the soul.”

LaTurner said it is immoral to ask future generations to pay.

About the border, LaTurner said women are being raped and people cannot cross without paying a drug cartel, a situation he said President Biden caused by his rhetoric and policies.

“Trump’s stay-in-Mexico policy was working,” LaTurner said. “Building the wall works.”

He said the US achieved energy independence and the previous administration was exporting energy.

“It was working,” he said. “The United States of America has been the greatest reducer of carbon dioxide emissions.”

LaTurner criticized the opposing party and called it radical.

“The party’s moved way far to the left,” he said.

He said China is seeking world leadership.

“We have to decide, is America going to be the world leader or not?” he said. “We all know Joe Biden isn’t up to the task of holding these people accountable.”

He also criticized the Critical Race Theory and said the 1619 Project, which tries to address racial slavery, is “trying to rewrite history.”

He said that Republicans won at least 50 seats during the mid-first-term elections of both Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

“If we don’t win back the House, you ought to kick all of us out,” he said.

LaTurner said the White House proposal on infrastructure has broadened it too wide.



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