Neosho County Community College President Brian Inbody said the school anticipates having up to 15 students living on campus through the end of the school year.

Inbody said most of the International students were able to get flights back home, with only seven or eight remaining on campus.

“International flights, as you can imagine, are hard to find right now, but they were still able to go back home because they had passports,” Inbody said, “but it was pretty tricky for some of our students to make it back.”

Through the college’s contract with Great Western Dining, the school will still provide two meals per day to students who remain on campus. One major change, however, is that the meals will be delivered to the students.

During the extended Spring Break this week, Inbody said teachers are trying to come up with plans for when they resume classes in an online setting.

“One of the concerns we have is if the class is at 10 am here, it might not be suitable for a student who lives in Asia,” Inbody said. 

Inbody said they have found a program that will allow the teachers to record their classes if someone cannot watch them in real-time.

Some teachers will be resuming their classes on Zoom, which operates like Skype.

The campus will begin online classes on Monday.

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