Security lighting and new wrestling mats were among the major expenditures for Unified School District 413 discussed at the Board of Education’s regular monthly meeting on Monday. The total tally for the two items came in at approximately $56,000.

The board unanimously approved a $27,850 bid from Equalis Group/Musco for the security lighting at the Chanute Community Sports Complex. Advertised as a retrofitted LED lighting system, Superintendent Kellen Adams said it will bring the district “further in line with security and safety.”

“These are mounted below the actual field lights, and are what enable you to have 24-hour a day lighting at that facility,” Adams told the board. “If you’ve ever driven past that place at night, it’s pretty scary how dark it is in there. And the activity that could be often unwanted that you would not want in there.”

Adams noted the upgraded lighting system is also cost-effective. 

“They’re LED, so the cost of operation is going to be pretty low,” he said.

Adams further noted that the district will need to replace its field lights within three to four years, and that the new system will be fully compatible with what they ultimately chose as the replacement for those lights.

Assistant Superintendent Matt Koester said the complex currently has a security lighting system in place.

“They are on all the time,” Koester said. “The typical cost of running the 1500-watt power lighting equipment is really expensive. And (those lights) are going to go out sooner, rather than later. It’s amazing that it takes less than half the amount of lights to light the field (with LEDs) than what it does with the normal halite lights.”

Koester also mentioned Musco’s 25-year warranty as a major selling point. The contract states that Musco’s warranty program covers materials and on-site labor, “eliminating 100 percent of maintenance costs” for that 25-year duration.

“Musco says if something happens in the next 25 years, we’ll come pay for it, we’ll come fix it,” Koester said. “It’s kind of a one-stop shop.”



Adams opened dialogue on the purchase of three new wrestling mats for the high school. He said the current mats have been in use for 20-plus years. Adams also noted gaping spaces on the mats “where the size of the hole may be equivalent to a fist.”

The board chose Resilite’s bid of $28,397. The other two bids came in at $21,700 and $17,454. The Iowa-based company touts its product as a lightweight mat with “unmatched finish” and “superior protection.”

Each mat will feature Chanute lettering in light blue with white outline down the left strip. The board voted in favor 6-0.

After closed session personnel discussion, the board approved: 

Resignations: Brytnee Kepley, Chanute Elementary School  teacher; Terri Markham, Chanute High School assistant Spirit Squad coach; Alison Morris, CES music teacher; Barbara Seybold, CES food service cashier;  Landon Slipke, CHS vocal music teacher; Teresa Taylor, Royster Middle School assistant cross country coach; and Angela Wright, CES teacher.

Terminations: Melissa Ketchum, van driver. 

Employments: Katherine Emling, second-grade PLC leader; Abby Meyer, CES teacher; Sierra Richards, CES teacher; Lisa Schweda, CES school counselor; Satinne Wicker, CES teacher. 

Transfers: Zack Murry, from CHS activities director/assistant principal to CHS principal; Chris Shields, from RMS activities director/assistant principal to CHS activities director/assistant principal.

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