Keep on truckin'

Tractor-trailer rigs continued to roll on US-169 Tuesday, despite record-breaking cold temperatures, slick roads from Monday’s snowfall and the potential for more snow Tuesday night.


Dry or snowy, trucks continue to move necessary goods on US-169, although drivers differ on how difficult it is.

Tulsan Anthony Haddock said he has not run into issues, but Sam Schmule from Kansas City said a lot of road departments could do better.

“Once the roads got taken care of, it’s been fairly easy,” Haddock said.

“It’s garbage right now,” Schmule said.

Schmule started out Tuesday morning in Kansas City, went to Tulsa and returned. He stopped in Fort Scott Tuesday morning.

“It was just a sheet of ice everywhere,” he said.

Haddock left Oklahoma when the rough weather started. He left Belle Plaine Tuesday morning headed for St. Joseph, Mo., on his way to Laramie, Wyoming.

Driver Chris Tohill said he has been through the winter storm for weeks. He started in Fort Worth, where icy roads caused a 135-vehicle pileup that killed six people Feb. 11.

“I was smart enough not to get on the expressway,” he said. “I took nothing but back roads.”

He was on his way from Kansas City to Austin Tuesday. He said highways mainly were in good condition for travel.

“The major cities is where the problems are,” Tohill said.

Temperatures Monday night got down to -20, which he said made it difficult to keep the cab warm. Otherwise, he had the typical problems like a fuel tank that froze shut.

“Everything doesn’t want to work,” he said.

Haddock said it takes a fuel treatment to keep the diesel from becoming a gel.


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