USD 413 Superintendent Kellen Adams announced Friday that three members of the Building/District leadership team have tested positive for COVID-19. Five members have tested negative, he said, and  results are pending for some other members.

Eleven members of the leadership team were together Monday-Wednesday for an annual leadership retreat. 

“While we are not certain of where/how the virus first spread, we are certain of the direct contact with each other during those three days,” Adams said.

The district is collaborating closely with the Neosho County Health Department and will continue to follow all procedures for notification of close contacts, quarantines, etc. As of Friday, all members of the leadership team will enter into a mandatory 14-day quarantine period.  Those who have tested positive will actually complete a 10-day period of being symptom-free before they return to work.

Those individuals who have been determined to be in close contact with any of the leadership team will be notified by the Health Department for guidance on their next steps. 

Adams said the district will continue to collaborate with the Health Department throughout this entire process.  

“We are fully committed to notifying everyone that has had direct contact,” he said. “Again, ensuring the safety of all involved, including the staff of USD 413, is paramount in our decision-making and procedures.  We are dedicated to helping not only those of the leadership team, but just as importantly, anyone who may have become exposed.   Our protocols will continue to be followed, including that no one will go back into any buildings until they have been cleared of symptoms or have completed the mandatory quarantine period.”


Kansas Coronavirus Disease

(COVID-19) Summary


Cases* 27,812

Hospitalizations 1,751

Statewide Deaths 358

Negative Tests 264,695

*A case is defined as a person who tested positive by molecular testing for the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), which causes Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Case counts subject to verfication.

Updated: July 31 - 9 am


County cases:

Allen 14

Neosho 51

Wilson 10

Woodson 10

Bourbon 57

Cherokee 70

Coffey 67

Crawford 380

Labette 109

Montgomery 140





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