Despite the Kansas Department of Health and Environment reporting 15 cases of COVID-19 in Neosho County Friday, the county health department has recorded a total of 17. 

As of this morning, 11 of those cases are considered active COVID-19 infections, with six cases having fully recovered. 

Health Department Director Teresa Starr said all of the new cases last week stem from the same weekend gathering that included around 45 people. Most of those in attendance at the gathering have been contacted, and many have been quarantined, Starr said. 

The individuals who have tested positive are fully cooperating with local health officials and are currently in isolation per public health guidelines, the department said. Neosho County Health Department staff are actively conducting case investigations including contact tracing.

Starr said that the majority of COVID-19 patients in the county have not had severe symptoms.

“For most people, it’s been very mild, almost like having a cold,” she said. “So that’s good.” 

There have been no hospitalizations in Neosho County, and no deaths. 

The health department continues to urge citizens to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Recommendations include traveling as little as possible, utilizing social distancing guidelines by staying six feet apart, frequent hand hygiene, coughing or sneezing into sleeves, working from home if possible, wearing a face mask in public, and staying home if ill.

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