USD 413 administrators laid out the guidelines for spectators at upcoming events (see page 3), while also explaining that the people currently in quarantine after two positive student cases at Chanute High School will not be included in the gating system for the district during their weekly Tuesday night Zoom meeting with community members.

Assistant Superintendent and Interim CHS Principal Matt Koester said that students who are currently quarantined due to the two positive COVID-19 cases from last week will not be counted as absent in the gating system. The gating system, which determines how students will learn (through face-to-face classes or through remote learning) or whether spectators can attend events, takes student absenteeism, the two-week county percentage of positive cases, as well as current trends in the county into consideration.

While not all classes are offered off-site, all core classes are offered online in a synchronous environment.

“We do not offer choir or band in a synchronous environment, but we will have Physics or whatever is considered a core class,” Koester said.

When the district releases its new calculations today regarding Green, Yellow, Orange or Red status, quarantined students will not be included in the equation.

Each student who is quarantined is asked to contact their teachers for links to Zoom meetings so they can attend class.

As far as athletic events are concerned, each student-athlete, band member or cheer member will be allowed up to four guests per athletic event.

The CHS football team is currently scheduled to play Circle High School on Friday night.

CHS will allow up to 550 guests on the home side, while the visiting team will get 100 seats.

Masks will be required and temperatures will be taken of guests prior to entering the stadium.

In the event that someone in the district tests positive, the district has seating charts of each classroom, so they can identify those who may have been in close contact (six feet or less) during certain hours of the day.

Koester explained that if anyone is within six feet for 10 minutes or more with an individual who tested positive for COVID-19 within a 72-hour period, that would be considered close contact.

“We actually know more about this subject this week than what we did last week. According to CDC guidelines, anyone who is within six feet of someone who tests positive for 10 minutes cumulative within the 72 hour period will be considered a close contact,” he said. 

Koester said the district will work to communicate with parents in a faster and better way in the future. Last week, the district relied on the Neosho County Health Department to communicate with parents of students who were in close contact with the two positive cases.

“We will do a much better job in the future and we will do it through text messages or through email. Parents must make sure that their phone numbers and email addresses are current with our records to make sure this process works smoothly,” Koester said.

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