Video goes viral

Kyler and Katherine Umbarger in a campground.


A Chanute woman’s Sept. 23 TikTok video about her outdoor lifestyle caught wind and has gone viral.

Katherine Umbarger’s story of how her family has gone on the road to follow her husband’s job was part of a television show aired on local channels Wednesday morning.

Right This Minute, a daily videos show, promoted the piece: “Kat, her husband and their five children live life on the road in a beautiful camper, and although it may not be for everyone, it works for them! Because Kat and her children used to only see her husband once or twice a month due to his job, they decided to travel with him so the family could be together. Their on-the-go home includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms and even a full-size fridge — which doesn’t sound too shabby to us!”

Part of a “wild two-week period,” the show’s producers reached out to Umbarger, then texted Tuesday night that the clip would be shown Wednesday morning on the local Fox station.

So she and the kids got up and watched themselves on TV. 

The family of seven – Kyler, Katherine, Kinley age 7, Kinsey 5, Kylen 3, Kolby 18 months, Kyler 4 months – and their 43-foot camper are currently parked at the campground at Santa Fe Park.

Kyler, a pipeline welder, has taken the winter off. He has a job lined up in the spring, but is considering starting his own business.

Katherine said before the camper purchase in 2019, the family would only see Kyler for short stretches at a time. The couple, both 27, owned a two-story home in Chanute that they flipped to start their new adventure.

“We did it so they can see their Dad every night,” she said. “It’s absolutely the best thing we’ve ever done.”

She said their “very different lifestyle” is not singular to them.

“I didn’t know there were so many of us,” Katherine said, noting there are support groups such as Welders Wives and so many similar families they have met in their travels.

In their year-and-a-half on the road, the farthest they’ve been in the camper is Minnesota.

As social media goes, the “haters” criticized such things as how many children they have, how much living space, and what about when there’s four teenage daughters.

Katherine dismissed them, “Maybe if they knew the whole story, maybe they wouldn’t be so hard on me.”    

For the family, things are going well adjusting to the lifestyle.

“It’s been amazing; I don’t want to live in a house again,” Katherine proclaimed.

And the local social media comments were positive about her story being shared on TV.

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