Chanute High School students are making it a point that their peaceful demonstration speaking out on racism and the tragic death of George Floyd remains calm and safe.

Organizers Bryan Ayala, Alyssa Andoyo, Jillian Vogel, Grace Lewis and Aaron Rodriguez have set the event for 7:30 pm Tuesday at the Main Street Pavilion.

The following items are guidelines for this Tuesday’s event. This is not a protest, but simply a community meeting; bring masks and follow the 6-foot social distancing rule; bring chairs if not able to stand the entire time; bring umbrellas; and the meeting will not tolerate any verbal or physical violence.

Expected at the event will be black leaders, resources on how to confront racism, and a voter registration table.

“We’re hopefully going to have some speakers talking about their certain experiences and either their own privileges and them dealing with racism, and just spread awareness and have people listen to black voices that need to be heard,” Ayala said.

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