Mike Sutcliffe at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita.

Tribune staff

Longtime “Voice of the Blue Comets” Mike Sutcliffe would love to be preparing for the upcoming basketball season. Instead, he’s facing more serious health issues.

Sutcliffe, who has been wheelchair-bound since an automobile accident when he was in college, covered Blue Comets sports for 36 years before being sidelined for six years with health problems.

He did announce at the Ralph Miller Classic in January.

After being diagnosed with COVID-19, Sutcliffe underwent surgery last week at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita.

Sutcliffe said an infection got into the bone. 

“I was transported to Wichita Wesley while I was septic. I don’t remember two days,” he said.

A leg amputation surgery is scheduled at 5:30 pm today.

“Please pray for my family,” Sutcliffe said. “I am scared. Thanks for everyone’s support. Just know we feel your love.” 

Martha McCoy set up a GoFundMe account in Sutcliffe’s name.

“Mike has been a respected and loved member of our community for many years,” McCoy wrote. “He needs our help to pay the medical expenses and rehabilitation. ‘Pay it forward’ for Mike!”

The goal is $100,000. 

“I love all of you for your support on Martha McCoy’s site and GoFundMe,” Sutcliffe said. “I just don’t what to say except thank you for your prayers and donations during this high stressful time.”

GoFundMe link:

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