ERIE – Two Neosho County towns will need to appoint members after commissioners canvassed votes from the Nov. 7 election Monday.

Galesburg and Earlton need to appoint one council member each after write-in candidates did not receive enough votes to fill the open positions. Thayer city council filled its three open seats with write-in candidates.

Although candidates for Chanute city commission picked up additional votes after the canvass, it was not enough to change the final results. Jacob LaRue finished with 737 votes, Sam Budreau received 609 and Randy Galemore received 565.

In the Thayer city council, Michelle Sevart received the most write-in votes with 32. Incumbent Billy Vining received 14 and Jason Adams received 12.

Galesburg city council had five seats open and two candidates on the ballot, Jared Han and Brian Semrad. Incumbent Aaron Tromsness received 12 write-in votes and John Terry received 16.

But Ron Simoncic, who received 13 write-in votes, was invalidated because he lives outside the city limits.

In Earlton, which also had five open seats, Wade Wilson also was invalidated because he was removed from the active voter registration.

Incumbent Larry Simmons had nine write-in votes, Sharon Simmons received seven and Courtney Ingels and Jennifer Green each received six.

Election clerk Rhonda Coronado said write-in candidates must receive at least three votes to be elected, and the other write-in candidates had two or one. Wilson had received seven write-in votes.

Earlton incumbent mayor Sam Stout received eight votes as the only write-in candidate.

Commissioners, acting as the canvassing board, added 18 ballots that were provisional either because of a poll-worker error or because the voter changed address within the county. Two provisional ballots that were not counted were from voters who were not registered; one was from a voter registered in another county and one was from a felon.

Advance ballots sent by mail were accepted for this election until Friday.

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