Chanute Master Gardeners

The fountain of youth is found in Martha Welch’s garden at 508 West 7th. At the young age of 91 her passion for gardening is quite evident. 

After her husband, Larry, put Shake Shingles on their home, Martha planted ornamental grasses. 

Plants line the walkway going up to the porch where a large Geranium in the same color of her front door sits, given to Martha every year by her friend Sandy. 

When a farmer tore down a brick building, Martha repurposed all 80 bricks, putting them in her garden. 

When a Crepe Myrtle’s branches bowed low, Martha pruned, trimming the branches till now it stands tall and showy on the side of her house. 

Various flowers in a rainbow of colors form a perfect circle in her side yard. In the center of another garden area stands a three-tier fountain turned planter, flowers cascading down all three tiers.

In the back, a large Wisteria provides privacy between yards — it’s a place where her dog roams happily. 

Martha loves Hydrangeas, planting three different varieties as well as various Lilies. When her neighbors pulled up a tree, roots and all, Martha saw it as a conversation piece, putting it in the back of her side yard. If you look close you might think it resembles a camel. 

Drive by and see a beautiful yard, it is inspiring.

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