Chiefs faithful

Kyle and Byron Shultz have proof they were at the historic Chiefs comeback win at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday.


At Sunday’s playoff game at Arrowhead Stadium, a Kansas City Chiefs fan tweeted he was leaving after the first quarter for the good of the team.

Shaw resident Byron Shultz admitted Monday that he had been close to doing the same.

Shultz attended the AFC playoff game featuring Kansas City and Houston with his son Kyle of Chanute, a season ticket holder.

Byron conceded he was a little concerned because both the games he had attended this season, against the Colts and Packers, were losses.

And things didn’t look good when the Texans built a 14-0 advantage and padded it to 24-0 in the first quarter.

“I told my son, ‘I listened to the weatherman and didn’t wear enough clothes,’” he said.

He was thinking hard about going to the truck to warm up and listen to the game on the radio.

But Kyle told him, “This is the Chiefs. They are good team and have a good leader, (Patrick) Mahomes. Don’t give up.”

Some of the crowd had resorted to booing their beloved team, but things turned around quickly as Kansas City scored on its next four possessions to take a 28-24 lead into halftime.

Byron said Kyle told him the coaches in the locker rooms were probably preaching that this was a new ballgame, 0-0, and to win the second half. 

The red-clad crowd, however, was convinced the momentum had changed for good and it had.

The historic comeback set several NFL records, including seven straight possessions ending in touchdowns.

The Chiefs came out in the second half to score touchdowns on three straight possessions to stretch the lead to 48-31 and it was a matter of how much celebrating you could stand.

“The mood after the game was ‘Bring on the Titans,’” Byron said.

He won’t be attending this Sunday’s game, but was thrilled to be able to say he saw the Houston game.

“I was glad I was able to sit through it.”

And he definitely is hoping there will be two more Kansas City games on TV this season, Sunday’s home match with Tennessee for the AFC championship and the Super Bowl, where the AFC winner will meet the NFC’s Green Bay-San Francisco winner in Miami on Feb. 2.

“I’ve been a hardcore Chiefs fan for a lot of years,” Byron said. “I pray the good Lord will bless me to live long enough to watch the Chiefs in a Super Bowl.”


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