Hairy tales



The day came on Wednesday when the curly locks finally came off.

I was needing a haircut when the state abruptly closed salons and barber shops due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in mid-March.

Almost three months later, my mop of hair was a joke.

I once had very long hair and a not very good photo of me on my wedding day is attached to this column.

I remember coming home from Emporia State for Thanksgiving and one of my aunts exclaimed that I needed a haircut.

I obliged and went to North Lincoln Barber Shop, which was located just south of the current Chanute Art Gallery.

I have to admit the barber, Vern Holman, ticked me off.

He said something like, ”Don’t wait so long next time for a haircut.”

But guess what my oppositional-defiant self did? I never went back.

I really don’t remember when my next haircut was, but it was long after I graduated college.

But unfortunately for me, my hair had a natural wave in it. It seemed to go out more than down. I wasn’t able to look up a photo that showed that look at its finest. I tried to wear it well.

With the barber ban in effect, the top of my head started the wave and it was hard to figure what to do with it. And the long sides around the ears began to curl. 

I tried different ways to comb it and just lived with it. The only comments I got was around the house.

It was fun to have that mop on top and one of the accompanying photos shows a late night shot after mussing it up.

But that period is over and it’s a good thing. Thanks Brian at Topper Barber Shop for helping bring a little normalcy back.

We all know that’s hard to come by these days.  


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