The biggest fan

Cedric Daugett shows off his Kansas City Chiefs rings that were give to him. His Mahomes hair hat is in back.


The Chiefs Kingdom has a lot of local followers, particularly after winning the 2020 Super Bowl.

“I’m the biggest Chiefs fan,” boasts Cedric Daugett. 

The 22-year-old is well-versed on his favorite team.

“I listen to a lot of Chiefs podcasts, watch Chiefs Insider and Chiefs Rewind and everything like that.”

“He’s been a Chiefs fan since he was a little kid,” said his mother Holly De La Torre.

Daugett chimed in, “I just like to yell and scream when they score touchdowns.”

“He’s autistic, he’s high-functioning,’” his mother said. “The stats, watching patterns, as he’s gotten older he’s really connected with it.”

Ced said he’s a fan of “Mahomes, Hill, Kelce, Mathieu, the whole entire team. A good head coach, too . I like to call him the Kool-Aid Man because he wears all red.”

He’s had the opportunity to experience Arrowhead Stadium.

“The first game that we took him to, he was in 5th grade and it was so neat,” Del La Torre said.

The three tickets a friend gave them were in the second row.

“It was freezing cold and icy, but it just made the perfect experience for him. Cedric was in heaven, the cheerleaders were up there taking pictures, the Wolf was over there.”

Cedric recalled attending a home game a couple of years ago.

“I went to a Chiefs-Broncos game and it was snowing. Oh my gosh, there were people in shorts, flip flops and no shirts on, it was crazy.”

There were no games seen live this season.

Cedric said it wouldn’t be fun to go to a game and have to wear a mask.

De La Torre said things will be interesting Sunday because her husband, Joe, is a huge Bucs fan.

“We’ll have some good snacks and watch the game and listen to those two yell,” she said.

Mom will be on Ced’s side, rooting for the Chiefs.

“I hope the Buccaneers lose. That would be awesome,” Cedric said.

His mom noted he has about every Chiefs thing you can imagine, including a Mahomes big hair hat given to him by his Grain Bin coworkers.

“Grain Bin is a really big Chiefs family,” De La Torre said.

“They call me Celebrity Ced,” Cedric added.

How does he take losses? “Oh, when we don’t win, you know, I’m not happy and cranky the next day.”

However, he’s confident in his team.

“We’re just trying to prove that we’re better than any other team,” Cedric said.


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