USD 413 administrators announced on Tuesday they will be embarking on the development of the district’s strategic plan with the assistance of the Cambrian Group.

An experienced Cambrian facilitator will lead every aspect of the Strategic Planning process, over a period of 9 months, including: Initial Awareness Session and communication throughout the district; Exploration of Strategic Thinking; First Planning Session; Preparation of Action Team Leaders; Development of Action Plans; Second Planning Session; and Phasing and Resource Allocation. 

Meetings for the steering committee will be held June 1-3  from  8  am  to  5:30 pm with the facilitator. There will be ongoing evening meetings held throughout the school year. The committee will determine the exact times for the planning sessions after meeting in a retreat environment for the initial three-day session.

Vital statistics of the district and community, along with the existing district plans, will be available for their consideration. The group will develop the following Cardinal Features of the draft plan based on agreement:

Beliefs: The unequivocal expression of fundamental values, convictions, and character.

Mission: A clear, definitive statement of highest aspiration including unique identity, specific purpose, and critical attributes.

Parameters: Strict pronouncements that establish the boundaries, limits and rules within which the mission is to be accomplished.

Objectives: The desired measurable, observable or demonstrable results that realize the mission.

Strategies: Largely stated initiatives through which the mission and objectives are to be achieved.

In addition, the team will conduct extensive analysis of critical Formative Features:

Internal Factors: Strengths, weaknesses and organization.

External Analysis: Conditions and circumstances.

Competition: Any provider of the same or similar good, products and services to the same general clientele.

Critical Issues: The convergence of internal and external factors that impends crisis.

Parents and guardians of students who are interested in being on the steering committee are asked to complete a brief survey to be considered. For more information, contact the district office at 620-432-2500.

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