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COVID-19 cases in Neosho County have once again jumped, this time to 29 total cases. 

The Neosho County Health Department reports 18 active COVID-19 patients and 11 fully recovered. Many of the active cases came from a gathering about two weeks ago where approximately 45 people were present. 

“Unfortunately, some of them are still showing up from the baby shower,” said Teresa Starr, Health Department Director. “Some have come from other areas and just got sick here.”

Starr explained that if the patients are in the county for an extended period of time, the positive cases are reported in Neosho County. 

She urged citizens to be vigilant in staying safe, but to not panic over whether a COVID-positive person had been to Walmart or other area businesses. In order to be exposed, someone would have to be in close contact with an infected person for at least 10 minutes, she said. 

“Percentage-wise, it’s still a small amount and we are working diligently to keep everyone safe,” Starr said. “We are releasing all the information we can, so there’s no reason to call the office to ask for more information.”

She noted that COVID-19 in Neosho County is affecting people of all ages, and encouraged everyone to continue to follow guidelines to mitigate the spread of the disease: social distancing, frequent handwashing, wearing masks in public, and sanitizing common areas often. 

“If you’re feeling sick, please be cognizant of other people’s safety and just stay home,” Starr said. 

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment shows Neosho County with 23 cases, but it is a few days behind local reporting. 

Other area county case numbers from KDHE show Labette with 55, Montgomery with 29, Crawford at 246, Allen with four, Woodson at six, and Wilson with only one. 

KDHE also reported that one Neosho County case was hospitalized and there have been 590 negative tests.

Twelve cases were hospitalized in Crawford County, three in Labette and five in Montgomery. Four were hospitalized in Cherokee County, and Bourbon County shows 16 cases with three hospitalized.

Of the Labette County cases, 27 have reportedly recovered. Montgomery County had 22 patients recovered with three deaths.

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