More than a hundred properties that owe back taxes totaling nearly a million dollars will face foreclosure and an auction sale later this year.

Neosho County officials are in the process of either collecting the back taxes or hoping to recover some of the $970,735.68 owed with an auction sale planned for some time after October.

Neosho County Counselor Seth Jones said the idea is not to take away anyone’s property, but to recoup the back taxes or get the property in the hands of someone who will keep the taxes paid and do something with the property.

Of about 118 properties listed for the sale, 73 are in Chanute, 28 are in Erie or the surrounding area, seven in the St. Paul area, six in the Thayer area, two in Stark and two in the rural county.

Jones said owners can pay the late taxes up until the day before the sale, but fees are added after the petition is filed. When they pay determines the process to redeem the property, he said.

The properties up for sale owe taxes as far back as 2001. Jones said the last tax auction was in 2018. 

A property must be delinquent for three years before its owner can be brought to court. Jones said residential delinquencies require three years, although abandoned commercial properties can be foreclosed upon sooner. He said officials prefer to wait until both types can be handled together.

The Neosho County Commission voted to authorize the foreclosure action in January 2018. Interest, charges and fees were added figured up to the end of that year.

Jones filed the case in August 2019 with 150 counts of properties owing back taxes, and so far 31 have been redeemed. This action clears up those properties that became delinquent as recently as 2014.

Properties that were delinquent in 2015 and 2016 have become due for foreclosure since the last filing, and 2019 was the most recent year for properties to begin owing past-due taxes.

To remove a property from the tax sale, the owner must pay all of the taxes due up to 2019. If an owner makes a partial payment, it is applied first to the earliest unpaid tax bill.

Filing for judicial foreclosure and a tax sale involves a lengthy process of researching titles. The county must contact not just the owner, but anyone else who holds an interest in the property, like a probate beneficiary or the mortgage holder.

“It just took a long time to get all put together,” Jones said.

The county sends notices and summonses to the owners, but if the letters come back undeliverable, officials must try to locate the taxpayers.

“You have to do a diligent search,” Jones said.

After 41 days from the time the delinquent properties are published as a final chance to find the taxpayers, Jones submits a motion that the judge rule by default in favor of the auction.

Jones said he expects to get a judgement on the filings in mid-October. He will then set a date for the sale, which will be published in advance, and the sale may be scheduled for later in the year. Bidders will gather in the lobby of the county courthouse in Erie on the day of the sale.

In an ideal situation, Jones said, all the properties would be redeemed before a sale would take place.

The properties may sell for less than the amount of delinquent taxes, though not in every case. Jones said there is no way to estimate how much of the past-due taxes the county will recover.

Chanute addresses included in the auction are:

0 N. Lee, owned by Cody O. Hoke, $6,146.46

0 N. Washington, Chanute Church of God in Christ, Deborah Thuston and Eureka Ponder, $163.30

0 S. Evergreen, Beverly C. Gordon, $613.83

0 S. Malcolm, Jeffrey A. and Noell M. Chapman, $36,038.01

0 S. Ashby, Estate of Thomas Henry Ogden, Estate of Thomas Elwood Ogden and Eva Mitchell, $1,438.25

805 W. Main, James, Jennifer and Austin Sipes, $11,030.25

1411 W. Main, Estate of John D. Dighero, Lora F. Dighero aka Jesseph and Alfred H. Jesseph, $21,991.14

201 S. Ashby, Estate of Charles R. Fry and Wanda Fry, $25,605.45

521 S. Ashby, Dick and Carolyn Joan Lisman, $4,703.82

802 S. Ashby, Estate of Richard A. Ahring and Bruce A. Myres, $26,172.67

514 N. Highland, Janet K. Shipley, $16,808.69

110 S. Highland, Nyla H. Peter, $14,887.10

1102 S. Highland, Harland Eggert or Estate of Harland Eggert, $11,200.56

1109 S. Highland, Craig and Vicki Westerman, $10,751.44

1118 S. Highland, Estate of Esther M. Faulkner and Sherrie Petty, $7,655.91

1319 S. Highland, Walnut Grove Investment LLC, $4,385.39

1005 N. Garfield, Walnut Grove Investments, LLC, $7,456.99

312 S. Malcolm, Walnut Grove Investments, LLC, $8,599.25

1208 S. Santa Fe, Walnut Grove Investments, LLC, $4,400.23

1505 S. Highland, Walnut Grove Investments, LLC, $2,385.47

1612 S. Highland, Walnut Grove Investments, LLC, $2,632.56

1522 S. Highland, Christy A. Jones, $16,255.91

1601 S. Highland, Terry A. Gambill, $18,962.53

1811 S. Highland, Leonard Jay Brooks, $18,080.45

1815 S. Highland, Leonard Jay Brooks, $2,245.51

1817 S. Highland, Leonard J. Brooks, $2,224.45

621 W. Walnut, Steven W. Berthot, $17,395.67

505 S. Lafayette, Denney Properties of Kentucky, LLC, $15,460.47

1022 N. Plummer, Estate of Linda Arlene Evans, Dean Evans and Teresa Arlene Norris, $42,438.90

1323 W. Mulberry, Estate of Linda Arlene Evans, Dean Evans and Teresa Arlene Norris, $3,288.79

321 S. Rutter, Wanda Newton, $12,183.42

1812 S. Edith, Esther Ham, $10,940.66

410 W. 2nd,Jennifer and Richard Shane Utley, $13,112.60

307 N. Franklin, Evelyn L. Johnson, $12,245.76

611 S. Grant, Bessie Harris, $20,736.07

405 S. Santa Fe, William Shane Vincent, $7,861.08

820 N. Santa Fe, Fredricka A. Harris and Diane M. Weaver, $5,089.43

816 N. Santa Fe, Rose Taylor, $11,214.37

1014 N. Santa Fe, Teresa D. Austi, $3,120.43

516 S. Lincoln, Stephen G. and Alicia K. Fickel $1,245.13

512 S. Lincoln, Stephen G. and Alicia K. Fickel, $1,612.81

310 S. Kansas, Stephen G. and Alicia K. Fickel, $1,637.86

112 N. Lincoln, Estate of Jerry Phillips, estate of Debra Phillips, Timothy Virgil Willis, Trisa Robin Willis, Sheila Allen Phillips, Internal Revenue Service, $11,797.07

206 N. Malcolm, Jerry W. Mead and Linda M. Morgan, $3,014.49

318 N. Malcolm, Clinton D. Dinkel, $11,034.39

530 N. Evergreen, Charles Seuser, $12,353.71

210 S. Evergreen, Gamal Hamza and RoxAnn Shaughmessy, $15,622.19

1301 S. Evergreen, Rosemary Watson, $33,767.56

1612 S. Evergreen, Ellen J. Gaffney, $29,997.52

523 N. Central, Matthew Habiger, $8,801.57

216 N. Central, Martha Ann Sweeney, $10,516.69

1128 S. Garfield, Tommy Lee Corley, $8,212.14

507 N. Garfield, Doris J. Arell, $6,016.14

912 N. Garfield, Wallace Love, Jr., $9,464.52

909 N. Steuben, William E. O’Bryan, $654.36

921 N. Steuben, Neosho Investments, Ltd, $357.24

1106 S. Steuben, Mike and Susan Jones, $3,493.77

1019 S. Forest, John Davis, $2,572.98

320 S. Forest, Dean Silvey, $13,059.52

915 S. Forest, George K. Hendricks, $6,375.74

0 S. Forest, Patrick Springer, $4,954.18

1018 S. Forest, Patrick Springer, $27,578.68

1012 S. Forest, George R and Patricia Stewart, $3,781.60

915 N. Forest, George K. Hendricks, $6,375.74

1301 N. Kansas, Rebecca A. Brune, $16,354.52

719 S. Washington, Lacey Jo Piley, $16,229.66

223 N. Washington, Floyd H. and Roberta D. Thuston, $9,777.19

1102 N. Washington, Quentin Wayne Baylor, Rick Adams and Stephanie Adams, $175.67

1202 N. Washington, Carl S. Mitchner, $8,780.94

1307 N. Washington, E.F. and Raverdeenah Dannels, $928.19

1218 N. Washington, Lucas Ray Smith, Lacey Leah Smith and Cody Eugene Catterson, $6,859.05


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