Father and son

KOAM’s Doug Heady spends Father’s Day with his son Christian.


After years of protecting the four-state area during severe weather events, KOAM-TV meteorologist Doug Heady needs some support of his own.

The long-time weatherman’s 11-year-old son, Christian, has been diagnosed with cancer after going to the hospital with severe stomach pain.

A few worried Chanute residents called the Tribune after learning about the diagnosis.

“He has always tried to protect us when we are having severe weather, and I think the least we could do is say a prayer for his son as members of the City of Chanute,” one caller said.

Heady said that his son was diagnosed with a rare form of sarcoma, a cancer that affects the bones and creates tumors.

“First, I just want to thank everyone who has said a prayer for Christian,” Heady said. “That’s the great thing about living in this area; the people have been so supportive. They have sent love, sent up prayers, and even sent gifts. The type of cancer he has is very rare, but it is predominantly found in adolescent boys. I am telling you, this kid is ready for the fight. He’s not ready to lose his hair, but he is ready to fight this head on, and we appreciate all the prayers that anyone wants to send his way. We will keep fighting.”

KOAM-TV said there is a Facebook page that has been set up to provide support for the Heady family, titled “Fight with Christian.”

KOAM has also dedicated a page on its website where ways to help the family can be found.

Several members of the surrounding areas have set up fundraisers to support the family on the Facebook page. 

“Honestly, I have only gone through about 5 percent of my messages,” Heady said. “But your support means the world to me. From Parsons, to Pittsburg, to Chanute, on to Joplin. Your support means everything.”

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