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Several stores in the Chanute area noted a considerable drop in business beginning on Monday after President Donald Trump declared a national emergency over the weekend. .

“We definitely had less business today than normal, but we had more pickup business than ever,” Playmakers Sports Bar & Grill owner Earl Bartholomew said on Monday evening. “We have gotten very slow, but we will do anything we can to maintain business, otherwise we cannot survive. If someone wants their meal delivered on a street corner, we will do it. Our delivery numbers are definitely going up, but we need our normal customers to keep coming in or we cannot stay open.”

Assistant Manager of El Pueblito, Lorenzo Antonio, said his store was running about 60 to 70 percent for a normal Monday. 

“We are definitely seeing the effects of the coronavirus. We actually have an old drive-thru attached to this building and are seriously considering using it,” Antonio said. “We have families, too. People may not always think about that, but we go home to families as well. We will provide the safest place available. We have families we want to protect as well, but we want to make a living at the same time. Whatever is the healthiest option is what we are for.”

The Chanute Public Library was open Monday, but activities for the week were cancelled. Library Director Kara Hale said she is in touch with the library board about whether to close, and some area libraries have already closed.

The Chanute Recreation Center was also closed. All rentals and activities in the rec center, multi-purpose room and Lakeview Recreation area are suspended until April 1. Recreation programs, events, practices and games are suspended until Apri 1, and make-up dates will be announced later.

The rec commission is working on plans to refund or pro-rate classes cancelled during the closure.

All events have been cancelled at Central Park Pavilion until the end of May. 

NCCC will be on extended spring break from March 23 through March 27 for all face-to-face and hybrid course sections on the Chanute and Ottawa campuses. Beginning March 30, and continuing through May 17, the college will transition to remote instruction and online classes to complete the semester.  

The college is open to the public beginning March 23. Residence halls will remain open for those students who cannot vacate. However, the college strongly recommends students leave campus as they are able.  

Learning centers will remain open so that students can access computers and high-speed internet. For all people coming on campus, please follow the CDC guidelines for social distancing, hand washing, and other methods to reduce potential infection risk. 

The Judicial Center in Chanute was also open Monday and was scheduled to hold first appearances at 9 am today. A representative of the court clerk’s office said the docket will be reduced, so people should call their attorneys or the courthouse to see if their cases will be heard or continued.

Local managers at G&W Foods were not allowed to make statements Monday. At 3 pm Monday afternoon, the shelves were bare of toilet paper despite signs limiting customers to one package.

Over the weekend, B&B Theatres (including Chanute’s Roxy 4) announced it would be showing movies at 50 percent occupancy in an effort to maintain routine life for people who live in Kansas, but also keep them safe. 

“We are doing all we can to stay open and are in close contact with local, state, and federal agencies,” Paul Farnsworth, head of public relations for B&B Theatres, said.

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