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State Treasurer Jake LaTurner visited Humboldt, Erie and Cardinal Drug in Chanute as part of his campaign for the 2nd District Congressional seat now held by Steve Watkins. LaTurner, whose wife Suzanne (Van Gotten) is from Chanute, originally came from Galena, served in the Kansas Senate, worked for Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, and has been treasurer for three years


A Congressional candidate in the Aug. 4 primary visited southeast Kansas Thursday afternoon to meet with voters.

State Treasurer Jake LaTurner is running as a Republican against Republican incumbent Steve Watkins for the 2nd District Congressional seat. 

His trip included stops in Humboldt, Erie and Cardinal Drug in Chanute.

“We need someone who can keep the seat in Republican hands,” LaTurner said.

LaTurner, who served in the Kansas Senate before working for 2nd District Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, said he introduced property tax reform, welfare reform, gun carry and was pro-life.

He also talked about the need to balance the federal budget.

“It is time to have real leadership,” LaTurner said. “These chickens are going to come home to roost.”

He said it will mean addressing big drivers like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

LaTurner answered questions about how to deal with the spread of the coronavirus.

“We cannot shut this economy down,” he said. “People need to work.”

He feels that the way to a strong economy is with tax cuts and deregulation and not to throw money around indiscriminately, mentioning House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

On a question about protests against police brutality, he said the murder of George Floyd was a tragedy and the response was a tragedy.

“We cannot allow the media and liberals to define an entire profession,” LaTurner said.

He said people are rewriting history, although he said slavery was wrong and detestable.

“We don’t need to tear down statues and pretend like it didn’t happen,” LaTurner said.

On sending federal agents to cities, LaTurner said President Donald Trump’s response has been measured and he said former President George HW Bush sent federal troops to cities.

He said he was against calls to lift limited liability for law enforcement officers.

“It would be a terrible mistake,” LaTurner said, noting that advocates are in a minority.

“The vast majority think like most of us here do,” he said.

As to the idea of delaying the start of school to prevent coronavirus spread, he said individual school districts are making the decision and have different needs.

“People are going to make the wise decisions,” LaTurner said.





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