Senate candidate Bob Hamilton


Bob Hamilton, who is running for the vacated spot of former US Senator Pat Roberts in August’s primary, stopped by the Tribune after visiting several places in Chanute.

The Republican, former owner of a plumbing business, wants to keep President Donald Trump’s momentum going.

“If you truly want to drain the swamp, who else to elect than a former plumber,” Hamilton said. “I have no political experience. I am a businessman who knows how to create jobs. As a plumber, I started my Kansas City-based business from scratch. It now employs more than 160 people and has 120 trucks going out for business each day.

“I stand for using common sense. We need less government spending, more jobs and less taxes. Trump is doing a fantastic job, but we have to control the Senate to make things happen. All of the Republican candidates in Kansas are career politicians. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be running for office. But when I sold my business three years ago, I decided I needed to help the American people and ‘Keep America Great.’”

Hamilton said polls tell the story.

“As an outsider, I didn’t enter the race until March. The polls say I am the only candidate that can beat the Democrats come November. It is vital that Republicans control the Senate. We cannot have Chuck Schumer leading the Senate,” Hamilton said.

With 12 children, Hamilton said it is obvious he is pro-life. He also supports Second Amendment rights and the right to bear arms.

“I am an avid hunter and I own hundreds of guns,” he said. “Every American should have the right to protect their family. We cannot let the Democrats take away our rights. It really isn’t about guns; it’s more about taking control away from the American people.”

He also stands against defunding the police.

“That is honestly the craziest thing I have ever heard of. Our policemen are heroes. They take an oath to serve and protect. These people put their lives on the line every single day they go to their jobs,” he said. “We need more law and order. Without it, you see the chaos going on across the country at this current time.”

Hamilton will be running against Derek Ellis, Kris Kobach, Dave Lindstrom, Brian Matlock, Roger Marshall, John Miller, Steve Roberts and Gabriel Robles August 4 in the Republican Primary.

On the Democratic side, Barbara Bollier and Robert Tillman will face off. 

Jason Buckley is the Libertarian candidate, while Paul Tuter is running with no party affiliation.

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