Sibling sing-a-long

Linda Ashley joins brother Mike Ashley at the microphone. 

Marilyn Lock saw a Facebook post by former Chanute High School classmate Mike Ashley about his “Drive a Way 19 Tour” that he was doing in the Kansas City area. In a joking manner, Lock commented to Mike on his post to come on down to Chanute to her driveway.  

The date was set and what a beautiful day it was on Sunday. From 3 to 5 pm, Ashley played many favorite songs from the 60s. A little technical difficulty with the WiFi in Chanute didn’t stop anyone from having a good time. Lock counted more than 70 come and goers. Many pulled up lawn chairs six feet apart and many were just happy to be out and about, while others drove by listening to the tunes.  

Ashley started his one-man band about 13 years ago. He even goes to Nashville three times a year to play with a band there. He has been enjoying this “drive a way tour” in the KC area since the COVID-19 pandemic and has many more dates set up on his calendar there. He has a couple of more dates in Chanute, also, including one at another classmate Terry Cathers’ on Thursday, May 28. Mike’s sisters, Mary Winder and Linda Ashley, were supporters of their brother at the event with Linda joining in for some sing-alongs. 

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