The USD 413 Board of Education approved the Kansas Association of School Boards to serve as the third party for purposes of studying and evaluating the current wage structures of classified staff within the district. The study was approved in March and the final report and recommendations were delivered at this month’s regular board meeting.

In the study, KASB considered the development of the classified wage schedule going forward. Going into the next school year, the minimum wage in the district will be $10.31 per hour.

The new pay scale will go into effect starting July 1.

“Throughout the study, one detail became very clear: the district has extremely dedicated and loyal employees to which we owe a great deal of gratitude,” Superintendent Dr. Kellen Adams said. “And while we believe that the new schedule certainly begins to help provide for more competitive wages, we do not wish to leave current employees behind.”

Therefore, the district has put a three-year plan into effect, which will allow current classified employees to catch up to the new schedule.

All current employees will receive a 3 percent raise, as well as 33 percent of the annual amount that their current wage is short of their placement on the new schedule.  

While the annual raise is yet to be determined for subsequent years, over the next three years employees will receive the additional 67 percent of what they should be making.

New classified employees will be placed at the appropriate step and column level per the new procedures for determining and verifying experience and education levels.

“We wish to say thank you to all of our classified employees for their hard work and dedication to the students of our district. Each day, your roles and responsibilities support the work that goes on in classrooms, but often go unnoticed,” Adams said. “Many thanks to every classified employee for the work they do, as the school district would not be able to function without those important roles.”

Classified employees include bus drivers, food services, custodians, classroom aides, van drivers, secretaries, high school registrar, maintenance workers and music aides.

Under the new pay scale, first year bus driver’s will make $13.24 per hour, while someone in their 20th year in that position would make $24.24 per hour. Food service employees would start at $10.66 per hour and max out at $16.22 per hour after 20 years of service. Nurses aides and van drivers would start at $11.29 per hour and max at $17.38, maintenance workers would start at $12.42 and max at $18.92, secretaries woul start at $11.89 and max out at $18.11 while custodians would start at $10.98 per hour and max out at $16.72 per hour.

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