Maskless county officials disturbing

 I’m writing to convey my dismay about the conduct exhibited by several elected county officials in recent days. I was very alarmed by the headline photo on the front page of the Tuesday edition of the Tribune. The photo of County Clerk Heather Elsworth swearing in Sheriff Greg Taylor revealed more than just formal procedure. The photo of the two county officials, inadvertently, displayed the county government’s lack of a unified message on the subject of face masks. 

The Clerk’s and Sheriff’s flagrant inattention to public health guidelines, the mask mandate the county opted into, or even the optics on the part of the public is frankly embarrassing. The actions of several elected county officials divulge an almost systemic failure at leading by example. At the recent Neosho County Commission meeting only one commissioner, Paul Westhoff, had the resolve to lead by example by having his mask on throughout the meeting. I applaud Commissioner Westhoff for his actions. 

Sadly, Commissioners Gail Klaassen and Nicholas Galemore encourage the wearing of facemasks, yet seem to lack the willpower to wear one for any meaningful duration during the commission meetings when they are in front of the camera. 

There is no place for a double standard in our local government. Our elected officials, our so called “leaders,” need to straighten up their act and be aware the voters of Neosho County and the public are watching and we will remember how they acted in this time of crisis.

Matthew Inman



Working together benefits Main Street 

The Main Street Program has been active in Chanute for many years. It is through this program and all merchants working together that you have been able tp keep your town functioning and the beautiful old buildings looking good. Makes one feel PROUD that over the years you are still a viable business district. Please keep it up by supporting the Main Street program.

Former Chanute resident,

Mary Barr

Lincoln, Neb.

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