Winning candidates in Tuesday’s election for the Chanute city commission say they are ready to get started on the city business.

Incumbents Phil Chaney and Tim Fairchild were re-elected to four-year terms and former commissioner Kevin Berthot returns for a two-year term.

Chaney said he was obviously pleased with and appreciative of the results and he looks forward to bringing more jobs and opportunities to Chanute.

“Pretty excited to get back to work,” he said.

Berthot said he was happy to be voted in and appreciates the support he received. He said he wasn’t disappointed by the two-year term because he wasn’t sure how he would do and hadn’t made predictions.

He said his whole focus was on service.

“I’m excited. I’m ready to be sworn into office,” Berthot said.

Fairchild also said he appreciates getting the opportunity to serve.

“It’s a humbling thing,” he said, adding that there were a bunch of people willing to serve, the community selected and he was glad to be one of those chosen.

“I’ll do my best to be up to the task,” he said.

Chaney said this year was a calmer election than in years past, without divisive issues.

“Everybody was super civil,” he said.

Berthot said the Chanute Area Chamber of Commerce candidate forum and the Tribune’s profile coverage were positive ways to present what the candidates had to say. He said both made the candidates more accessible to the community.

But Fairchild said he was disappointed with the participation rate in the election.

Although there was no breakdown of the city vote, the countywide voter turnout was 22 percent. Of the 2,353 ballots cast, Cassie Cleaver had the highest single vote in the Chanute school district-wide Board of Education election with 925 and Fairchild had the highest in the city election with 690 votes.

“How do you participate in that if you don’t vote?” Fairchild said.


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