City employees have had a hectic week between snow removal, pipe-breaking cold and threats of blackouts.

City Manager Todd Newman said workers in four or five departments have put in up to 12 hours a day clearing streets and responding to service complaints. About 30 employees from departments including streets, parks and cemeteries worked on salting and snow removal.

Newman said the city has a great team and provided service really well.

Workers were called out early Sunday morning with the first of two storms. Newman said luckily it was a good snow to move, so main roads were cleared quickly.

City staff anticipates temperatures above freezing and sunshine this weekend to clear remaining snow. Newman said things will be pretty much done, and crews concentrated on Main Street to get snow off of sidewalks and from between businesses and parking spaces.

Since the storm did not create ice problems, there were not many electrical outages due to fallen lines. Newman said there were a couple of tripped breakers, but that was typical.

The water department had nearly 60 calls from customers over broken pipes and frozen meters as of Friday, Newman said.

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