At Monday’s meeting of the Neosho County Community Board of Trustees, they were reminded that this Friday will mark the last day for face-to-face classes at the Chanute and Ottawa campuses, as those classes will convert to remote instruction. For most classes, this begins on Nov. 30 when Thanksgiving break ends. Remote instruction is different than that of “traditional” online classes. The classes will continue to meet at their normally-scheduled time, they will just meet over Zoom teleconferencing service. There will be two weeks left of classes followed by finals week after Thanksgiving. The residence halls will also close after the Nov. 20. The Core Emergency Response Team (CERT) does reserve the right to end face-to-face classes before the 20th if needed.

NCCC President Brian Inbody said CERT is refreshing protocols for the spring semester, informed by what worked and what didn’t this fall. 

“We hope to have that done well before the students start returning to the residence halls in early January,” Inbody said. “We are planning another move-in day this January where we test all residents of the halls on the day they arrive where plausible. With surge numbers going up and with so many holidays in December and early January, we may see greater number of positive students on the first day than in August.”

Inbody introduced discussion about the possibility of extending emergency leave in the case of extreme circumstances. Board policy allows the college to approve up to two days (normally 16 hours) of emergency leave if requested. However, during the pandemic Inbody asked the board to grant him the ability to extend emergency leave if needed. The CARES Act allows for two weeks of paid leave, but that part of the act runs out on Dec. 31. Discussion will continue at the December board meeting.

It was Inbody’s recommendation that the college renew their support of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program with the City of Chanute and Neosho County through Dec. 31, 2022, and that a notice be published in the official city newspaper at least once each week for two consecutive weeks prior to the hearing. The board agreed. The hearing will be held next month to 



gather any opinions about continuing NCCC’s support of the program, then later in the meeting the board will vote on it.

The college acquired the facility at Ross Lane with the plan to expand technical programs at the site. Thanks to a series of successful grant applications, the facility will house two Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs beginning fall 2021. In order to offer Title IV funds (better known as the Pell Grant and the Federal Student Loan Program) to students at the facility, NCCC must get the location approved through the accreditor, the Higher Learning Commission. Part of that process is providing a name to the facility. 

The Trustees voted unanimously to call the facility The Neosho County Career and Technology Center (NCCTC).

Inbody, the current president of the Jayhawk Athletic Conference, said KJCCC is set to decide issues of its COVID-19 protocol by the end of December. That protocol will hopefully cover a large number of items including No Contests, trainer assessments, fan attendance, game determination, etc. He said he should have more information at the December board meeting.

This month’s winner of the Ben Smith service award is Mark Johnston, academic advisor. He will receive a trophy and $500. 

In personnel, the board accepted the resignations of Ellen Noll, OTA Instructor/Fieldwork Coordinator at the Ottawa Campus, whose last day will be Nov. 20; and Melissa Stephens, Administrative and Technical Assistant for the Chief Financial Officer pending her appointment to Administrative Assistant Title III. Her last day was Nov. 15.

Hires were Melissa Stephens as Administrative Assistant Title III, start date Nov. 17; and Takuya Suzuki as Assistant Athletic Trainer; who has a BS in Sports & Health Science and an MS in Athletic Training, and has prior work experience including Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer at Upper Iowa University. Her start date is yet to be determined.




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