Ne tosho County Community College President Dr. Brian Inbody recently apprised the Board of Trustees of progress made on the school’s strategic plan. 

The multifaceted blueprint includes a set of goals for categories such as student success, strengthening diversity, accountability to stakeholders, and meeting community needs. 

“There’s been a lot of progress on many of the items that we started on in April,” Inbody said. “And there’s still items that will be complete before the plan is over at the end of March, and there are a few items we didn’t make much progress on, that we had to put on the backburner until we complete other things first.” 

At the top of the list of achievements is a series of new programs launched by the college. Two of those programs, Aerostructures and Industrial Maintenance Technology, are housed at the multi-million dollar Mitchell Career and Technology Center. The Paralegal program was also launched during the fall semester. 

“That’s the biggest thing we accomplished, I believe,” Inbody said. 

While the Mitchell Career and Technology Center houses the aforementioned labs, the building will not be fully operational until next year. 

“Our work to get ready to do the Mitchell Career and Technology Center really took off this year as well,” he said. “So we’re really excited about progress made on those fronts.” 

Inbody said employee turnover has hindered some of the school’s other strategic plan goals. 

“We’ve had similar turnover at the college as many of the other businesses and industries in the area have had,” Inbody said. “So some of the people who were champions of those things have gone to other institutions.” 

Inbody noted that the diversity, equity and inclusion committee was impacted by school turnover.

“We had some things planned there that had to do with using the American Association of College Trustees checklist,” Inbody said. “That hasn’t moved forward as much as I’d like it to. The chair of that committee has moved on, and we have some more work to do there.” 

The school is on pace to meet most of its goals ahead of the final report next spring. 

“I believe we’re on track to get most of the goals done by April,” Inbody said, adding that the plan lays out a very ambitious set of objectives. 

The school has never met 100 percent of its strategic plan goals, he said. Some items, however, have exceeded initial expectations. 

“For instance, the Mitchell Career and Technology Center was going to be a million-dollar addition to that building,” Inbody said. “And suddenly we got a large donation, and then another second grant. And it went from $1 million to $3.3 million. So we’re going to take advantage of that and move some priorities around. You just never know when those opportunities are going to arise.” 


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