Jennifer Tobin

Neosho County officials have declined to comment on a rural Humboldt woman accused of impersonating a Neosho County Health Department employee.

Rural Humboldt resident Jennifer C. Tobin, 32, posted $8,000 bond after she was charged in Allen County with four counts of impersonating a public employee and two counts of interference with a law enforcement officer.

Tobin was arrested by the Allen County Sheriff’s Department Jan. 19 at her home and Allen County Master Deputy Daren Kellerman said Tobin identified herself as a health department employee to at least two law officers that day. She is also accused of posing as a health department employee to school officials.

Kellerman said Tobin is not a health department employee and officers took what appeared to be an employee badge from her possession.

Neosho County Health Department Administrator Teresa Starr and County Commission Chair Nic Galemore both declined to comment on personnel matters.

The Neosho Health Department reported last week that a person claiming to be an employee had approached people in Allen County and asked questions about COVID-19.

Kellerman said Tobin’s charges stemmed from a domestic dispute. She is accused of posing as a public health officer in order to be tested numerous times for COVID-19, resulting in multiple periods where she and her daughter were in quarantine.

“While I don’t doubt Ms. Tobin thought what she was doing was in the best interests of public safety, especially in view of current world health concerns with the pandemic, she just went about things in a way that could have ended up causing more concern or harm than good,” Kellerman said.

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