Payments from CoreLogic, Inc. 

were due in April; 1,747 notices sent



ERIE – The Neosho County Treasurer’s office has reached out to a third-party escrow company to clear up delinquent tax notices sent to local property owners.

Neosho County Treasurer Sydney Ball said she has reached out to CoreLogic, Inc., to research the delinquent tax notices and make the payments it was supposed to in April.

CoreLogic, Inc., is an Irvine, Calif.-based corporation providing financial, property and consumer information, analytics and business intelligence. Banks, lenders and mortgage companies use the company as a third party escrow manager to make property tax payments, and Ball said her office has not received escrow payments that property owners made to the banks.

“The people’s money has been dispersed to CoreLogic,” she said. “We need to get that from CoreLogic to us.”

The treasurer’s office mailed 1,746 delinquent property tax notices this year, including separate notices to CoreLogic for each property with a copy to each homeowner.

Ball said she cannot name all the lenders who use the company, but she knows of 10. She said this has happened before and is easily resolved.

Last year, the county mailed out a total of 1,730 delinquent tax notices. If taxes are not paid by an Aug. 1 deadline, the properties and owners are published.

Ball said CoreLogic is the largest third-party escrow company with multiple locations and that there are issues every year.

“It’s resolvable,” she said.

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